Ravencoin Tutorial — KAWPOW mining

2 min readMar 27, 2020


To prevent ASICs from dominating mining on the Ravencoin network, Ravencoin developers are working on a new mining algorithm, KAWPOW. KAWPOW is a derivative of ProgPOW with parameters specifically for Ravencoin. KAWPOW is the 3rd mining algorithm for Ravencoin and will not compare to X16R or X16Rv2 mining. On the contrary, AMD GPU mining will now also be a viable option.

UPDATE April 15th, 2020:

KAWPOW is now available on main net. You can find the source code and binaries at https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases. Make sure it’s version 4.1 or above to stay on the chain.

Development of KAWPOW took place at https://github.com/RavenCommunity. This GitHub repository contains resources for KAWPOW, X16Rv2, Pocketraven webwallet, and Ravennodes. The repository is currently managed by active Ravencoin community developers:

How to use KAWPOW

Currently, KAWPOW is active on Ravencoin TESTNET and you can try it out there. Testnet coins have no value and are purely intended for testing.

KAWPOW will be available on Ravencoin MAINNET on May 6th, 2020 at 18:00 UTC.

NOTE: since the KAWPOW open source miner is still in development, expect to run into errors. If you do, please report them on Discord in the #testnet channel or open an issue on the GitHub page.

For miners:

Mining Pools

For pool owners and developers: