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Photo of woman at Washington Loop Trail
Photo via Author at Washington Loop Trail

Relocated to the Pacific Northwest and changed my hobbies to include hiking so I can fit in! (Just kidding, but once you settle in, everyone decides to take advantage of the incredible nature here).

Fun fact: I’m allergic to fish, clams, and eels. This doesn’t stop me from picking up…

And if it’s time to jump ship

An overwhelmed male with post-it notes all over his face at work
Photo: Luis Villasmil/Unsplash

We’ve all heard Marcus Buckingham’s famous line of “people leave managers, not companies.”

In my experience, working with an incompetent or unprofessional manager is an immediate red flag that leads employees to look for another job or give their resignation notice sooner rather than later.

But what is it about…

For Christmas or any time of year

A black chalkboard surrounded by gifts
Photo by George Dolgikh @ from Pexels

Each holiday sale provides a decked-out promotion to encourage you to spend money. Unfortunately, we’re all victims of terrific marketing. Not participating in any Black Friday deal is the same FOMO feeling you get when not attending a party.

On the other hand, the true spirit of the holidays wraps…

Jessie Vee

Experienced human resources professional by day and passionate storyteller by night. Avid writer on relationships, work, finance, and more!

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