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Installing a Fork of Openpilot with Workbench

Diving Deeper into Workbench and Openpilot

Nov 9, 2018 · 4 min read


So as many of you know, I once wrote an article about Installing a Fork of Openpilot which involved setting up your EON and Computer to connect to it via SSH and jump through hoops anytime you wanted to do any little old thing.

Well that is NO MORE with the release of Workbench.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve setup SSH before, Workbench takes care of it. Even if you’re on a random computer on some random network.

As long as EON is on your network, you can connect to it with Workbench.

IMPORTANT: Your EON needs to have had Openpilot already installed via the Comma install process found here prior to doing this guide.

Download Workbench

Grab the latest version of Workbench from

Workbench Support

If you experience issues with Workbench, please reach out on the Workbench Discord or report bugs to GitHub Issues

Ensure SSH is enabled on EON

This is required for Workbench to connect successfully and run its commands for you.

Scan for EON with Workbench

If you’re connected to the same network as your EON and your network doesn’t have any real restrictions put in place about device communication, it should detect it really quickly.

Workbench v0.1.1

If for some reason it doesn’t find it, try closing Workbench and re-opening it. Some have found it fails to find it if you’ve scanned and it failed before. I’ve had mixed experiences as well. If all else fails, close and try again. I’ve found it to be fairly reliable.

EON will show a green checkmark when it has been successfully reached.

Connect to EON

Since the release of Workbench, nobody has to worry about SSH keys, terminals, anymore due to its convenient instant setup of the SSH key, finding EON, and entering commands for you automatically.

Enter Yes if prompted, otherwise you’re good.

If this is a new IP, your computer will still prompt you to add it to Known Hosts by typing in yes in the console.

If all is successful yours should look like the above animation.

Finding Your Fork

Now for the hardest part of the entire guide, don’t worry it’ll be over soon.

Locate the Git URL for the Openpilot fork you would like to use.
For me, this is going to be the great kegman fork which enables better follow distance adjustments for my 2017 Honda Pilot.

So I visit and click the clone button to copy the full Git url.

Then, I go back over to Workbench and proceed with the next step.

Install Openpilot

This is where it gets even more fun. Now you don’t have to remember those pesky git commands.

Under Console on the left click on Install Openpilot

A drawer should slide out from the right.

Paste the full Git URL copied from the Clone button on the Github site like above, (it must have the .git) on the end of it. You cannot use just any URL, it must be the one from the animation image above.

Now go back to the Github page, determine the branch you need to install from the Branch list.

You’ll need to type it exactly as it is in this list, or find a place on the Github page to copy it from…

Enter it into the Branch field back inside of the Workbench drawer and then press the blueRun button.

If you did it successfully, you should see that it’s cloning the repo as normal.

Reboot EON with Workbench

After it looks to be completed with the cloning process, simply click on Reboot under Console on the left and press Run.

Your EON should reboot.


error: pathspec ‘<branchname>’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

If you receive the above message, check the name of the branch you used and ensure its typed correctly. It is case-sensitive.

Get Help & Support with Workbench

Feel free to reach out with questions & feedback on GitHub Workbench.

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