TLDR; Hopsworks Feature Store interacts with the new Python and Scala/Java Software Development Kit (SDK) available in Hopsworks 2.0. The new SDK builds on our extensive experience working with Enterprise customers and users with Enterprise requirements. With this new release, we consolidate multiple libraries with a single one. We named it `HSFS` (HopsworkS Feature Store) and in this blog post we will be looking at some of the improvements and key features that the new SDK brings.


Today, we’re introducing the new Hopsworks Feature Store API. Rebuilt from the ground up, today’s release includes the first set of new endpoints and features we’re launching so developers can help the world connect to the public conversation happening on Twitter. …


Jim Dowling

@jim_dowling CEO of Logical Clocks AB. Associate Prof at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, and Senior Researcher at RISE SICS.

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