A few years ago I started writing about Creative Leadership.

Not job titles. Not hierarchy.


The kind of leadership that challenges the status quo, rattles the cage, thinks laterally and pushes through this messy world with purpose.

In recent times a community of creative leaders has gathered in the MarchFirst Community — a free Slack community where the conversation revolves around:

  • Creative leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Empathy
  • Balancing work and life
  • Purpose-driven leadership
  • Sharing resources and tools
  • Strategy
  • Business and entrepreneurship

To date we’ve had people from around the world in a large number of industries that include:

  • Designers, Illustrators and…

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Today, my team and I are releasing our annual mental health survey for people in creative industries — people like you and I, .

People in marketing, design, architecture, technology. Illustrators, Photographers, Dancers, and Architects. Writers, Scientists, Analysts, and Entrepreneurs who embrace creativity and technology in the work they do.

I’ve written a weekly article since March of 2016. Once a week I sit down and write a meditation on leadership and my own, personal leadership journey through my career which began in the heady days of early dot-com, through to my work in strategy and innovation today.

Each week people like you reply and tell me about their aspirations, their hopes, and their struggles. …

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Photo by Levi Clancy on Unsplash

Here we are. You and I, and 7.7 billion other people as we navigate our lives through uncertainty, complexity, and the unknown.

With so many industries and people affected by this crisis, I’m sure this ongoing battle for our livelihoods is seeing many of us in a state of confusion on what tomorrow looks like.

I write this shortly after steaming to a friend who had to stand down 60% of his company’s employees and a client who spent the last week having some of the most difficult conversations of her career all the while having her own salary cut by half. …


Jim Antonopoulos

Owner of Strategy & Innovation Consultancy, Tank. Fearless Conversations Podcast. MarchFirst Leadership Academy.

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