The 14th floor

It was July of 2016, when I had another opportunity to be with the Guru. After a day of darshan, content and happy, I decided to not go and meet him the next day. Rather, took up the most difficult seva of being a guard on the 14th floor. With devotees and disciples rushing to meet him, it was very difficult to control the crowds. The love for their master was so immense and pure, it was hard to be the person telling them to wait.

The wait ended for many that day. Like everyday, Sri Sri allowed everyone who had not met him to enter his kutir and meet him personally. I was guarding the corridor for more than 2 hours and for all that while , Sri Sri was meeting people, listening to their problems, answering questions and so on. I was already amazed at the humility of this person. He who has led countries out of war ( like Colombia ) , meets Presidents and Prime Ministers of so many countries , is such a sought after person all over the world, still gets time to meet so many devotees every single day.

I had little idea, what was to come next…. Read more on my next post!!