The stories we tell about the past and future create a veil that prevents us from seeing truth and love in the here and now.

We are slaves to our stories. Your next job must fit within a particular story you refer to as “my career.” For the hiring manager, you as a candidate must fit within a story they are telling about their organization and themselves. Your child’s poor grades in school are a…


Great questions, good questions, dumb questions — any question is more useful than your opinion.

Leader, boss, parent, mentor, friend — as we embody each of these roles, we are consistently looked to for advice. They come to us when they aren’t sure what to do next. They bring us their intractable problems, looking for solutions.

And let’s be honest — it feels pretty good…

Becoming aware of the light and power that lies within us

Hi, my name is James, and I’m a thinkaholic. Only through nearly two years of meditation and mental self-flagellation have I come to this realization — that I am hopelessly identified with my own thoughts. That I have trusted the voice in my head over my own intuition, and over…

Stoicism began in ancient times, but it never really goes out of style.

In this time of isolation, focus on what you can control, find opportunity in adversity, and connect with others

There’s a reason Stoic philosophy has been making a comeback in recent years, more than two millennia after its creation. There’s a reason the fundamental beliefs and virtues of Stoicism overlap so much with those of Christianity and Buddhism. …

Where my mind went while listening to Tool’s new album for the third time

With today’s release of Fear Inoculum, Tool ends a 13-year hiatus and resumes their exploration into what it means to be a human being.

For all the over-analysis of Lateralus, that album in particular contained a treasure trove of practical wisdom (which I explored in a previous real-time meditation). Given…

It starts with simple generosity and curiosity, but for your positive intent to spread, you must use your influence wisely.

Viewed from a high enough altitude, humans are nothing but dots. In the vast expanse of time and space, we are specks of dust.

This is not to say that our lives are a waste, or that we are each indistinguishable from the seven billion other dots on the planet…

James Ryan Leonard

Author and leadership coach. Public relations professional. Purveyor of positive intent.

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