Too bad we don’t get a do-over on consequential decisions informed by irrelevant projections

When Gov. Cuomo announced the need for 40,000 ventilators, it touched off a debate of irrelevant forecasts. His point, “every projection I have, from multiple sources, and these are worldwide health experts, say that we have to be prepared for an apex of 140,000 hospital beds and 40,000 ICU beds with ventilators” assumes care capacity needed to handle 40,000 quite sick patients, concurrently, was sitting idle in New York.

Reaction to 40,000 ventilators should have been no different than a 4,000,000 ventilator ask. With respect, this is a care capacity problem. …

Where do we go to manufacture nurses?

The anxiety over the number of ventilators is a waste. Mostly, it is generating fear and, more tragically, it is misdirecting priorities. The energy and brainpower can be better used. No matter how patriotic, well-intended or coerced, no company can manufacture care capacity.

Dr. Fauci did us an excellent service by giving us the phrase “flatten the curve.” Explicitly, he wanted us to prevent the healthcare system from getting “overwhelmed.” Yet, ventilators don’t get overwhelmed. Beds don’t either. What gets overwhelmed? People. We need to flatten the curve because there is a finite capacity to provide critical care. …

John DAlesandro

Manufacturing systems engineer, focused on building care capacity in hospitals

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