Hedonic pleasure, emotional well-being, and life satisfaction: what’s worth pursuing, and how to get it

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Many people are of the opinion that the ultimate goal of life is to be happy. Whether you agree with that or not, happiness is undoubtedly a crucial part of a good life. Most people aren’t in the habit of asking “how important is happiness to me?”, but if pressed, almost all of us would list it as one of our top priorities.

But what does it actually take to be consistently happy with your life? Most of us have a few specific things that we’d like to change about our lives in order to become happy; some of those ideas might be good, others not so much. …


John Fawkes

Los Angeles-based personal trainer, online fitness & nutrition coach, and health & fitness writer. https://www.coach.me/JohnFawkes?ref=ModAV

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