"I read 52 books in a year". This is something you will hear people say.

It is like a fulfillment. My good friend saw a guy read a physical book while in commute. He was not just a guy. He was a gentle man. Yes, a gentleman. And he told me he was the only man on the planet who reads in a bus today.

Today, I saw another guy open a bag, and waiting to see a laptop or newspaper, he pulled off what seemed to be an encylopedia. A mega book…

and how you can make it better

The world is waiting for you / Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

We all have been there. Maybe we are still here. Settling for less.

Allowing ourselves to get what we consider to be way below our dreams and life goals. We have this awareness that we were meant to do more. But we are sick of what keeps happening in our lives. We keep working at jobs we do not like. We keep talking to friends and people who do not matter. And we move on with life expecting and wishing for the best.

Back in school, we had two kinds of wishes…

Good luck with your exams or success in…

and why they do

A man out on a journey in search of a wife / a photo by Ross Sneddon

The first time God created woman, things got really interesting. The man became poetic. And even the poem lines became a song. He was happy. He was excited. His future was bright.

What happened here? God literally handed man a woman. A wife. It was like a gift. He didn’t work hard to look or try finding a good wife.

Then sin crept in. Satan had a better deal. An appealing deal rather. And since the woman has influence, she influenced the man to eat. This is what makes men happy. That they were not the ones who sinned.


a working desk for a writer at Friendswhowrite

With the advent of technology, businesses are always looking for ways to scale and reach more customers. Although technology has changed the way that we shop and sell our products and services, few people know how to get an online presence. Today marks the day you will learn how to get digital with no much trouble:

Choose your Plan

This is the first stage that you need before you start anything else. You need to put down a plan on what you need to achieve, what you are willing to invest, and how you are going to do it. …

“group of people in front of stage” by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

We live in a world that celebrates outcomes. We cherish the moments of success and oftentimes, we want to be associated with good things. Good stuff. We own them.

Eliud won in the marathon and suddenly we are proud of being Kenyans. We are amazed at his speed on the track. We have set aside our indifferences and switched off our lives so we can stay on the screen. Where information is measured by who posted first.

We are in love with technology. We breathe Facebook and eat Instagram. WhatsApp is just a way of relaxing.

If you don’t have…

“Wind chimes hanged outdoors with three suspended plates reading “I love you”” by Suresh Kumar on Unsplash

I remember succinctly that evening when we were sitting by the river. Your understanding of the Bible was angelic. It was like you were a blood daughter to Abraham. You understood all the oracles, and wisdom to you was just a normalcy.

Then I said what every man would say. I was ready. I had spent the last 18 years thinking of this. Waiting for this. I was ready at last.

Yet she looked at me like Jonah after accomplishing the mission. He preached in seven words only and people repented. It was like I had come from the sea…

Photo by whoislimos on Unsplash

Are you at that point of life where you feel like downing your tools? Maybe you want to quit because things are not working fine? Read this.

Here’s what to do

Do not be discouraged. When things are tough and you are just alone. Don’t give up.

The sun rises alone and lights the world. It brightens billions of people's lives. Then it goes home alone before the others(stars, moon, et all) comes up.

It is sad being alone, but once you realise your strength, your abilities, and the impact you are called to achieve, then there is nothing to be afraid about.

Be courageous no matter what you are going through. Go light your world.


Have you ever thought of the reasons that make people detest reading?

Sometimes we think that people are mostly to blame for their habits — bad habits, we say.

What if the problem is with us — the writers.
What if it is the boring side we bring out often.

Maybe we write content about them or at them. We focus on their inabilities and we presume a laziness on their side and we bash them with words inexplicable.

I never liked movies growing up, and even today I am not much of a fanatic. But are all movies bad…

There comes a time where you just put a stop to the resolutions madness.

Picture this!

If you look back at all the days or years you’ve been on planet earth, how many resolutions did you achieve? Did you stick to them? Did you feel like it is you or someone faking? Was it hard?

But all in all, do you want a healthy life? A perfect body without a one pack? A better family and more money? Be a better Christian, philosopher or philanthropist?

We all want these things and some madness in us tells us that such things…

Photo by Jonathan Forage on Unsplash

Sometimes you got trust your instincts,
You got trust your process.

Getting to your destiny is never a straight line,
If it was, you would miss a huge chunk of life.

You will get bored by a life marked out for you. Because life is about lacking,

It is about having plenty. It is a about feeling weak,

It is about having strength. It is about work -- tough work at times.

It is about cries and laughter.

Life ain't what they tell you. Maybe it is not even what I am telling you,

But you got keep going in…

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