Diversify Your Business through Mobile Entrepreneurship

Any business person who is looking to create a name for him or herself through the next few years must join the mobile revolution. Mobile entrepreneurialism is more than just taking your business out of the office — there is also an element of communication and operations that simply are not available on any other platform. Here are some of the most fruitful ways to diversify your business through simple ownership of a mobile phone.

The new apps and technologies will come through the mobile landscape first.

All of the best app companies are creating their products for the mobile phone primarily, then porting to PCs and laptops. This means that you will have to join the mobile revolution in order to stay ahead of your competition when it comes to industry technology.

The pace of technology is always accelerating. If you do not have the ability to stay ahead of the curve, then you will end up losing customers in the long run. Your mobile phone keeps you in communication not only with the other relevant people in your industry and your customers, but with technology as well.

Your new customers will be found through the mobile platform.

Millennials and other people with expendable income all have some kind of mobile device — if you are not there with them, you will not be able to advertise to them. This generation of customers have been trained to ignore any ad that does not immediately grab the attention and serve a need. This condition is exacerbated when the ads are in traditional locations such as park benches and billboards.

Your ads will be much more personal on the mobile platform.

The mobile platform has the ability to create a very personal connection with the customer. You will be able to use location tools in order to contact them only when they are within a certain radius of your storefront. You can offer them personalized coupons that are meant only for the individual. There are many options that you do not have when you use the more traditional methods of communication.

You will also be able to analyze the ads that you create on a personalized basis. With this kind of power, you will always have the upper hand on your competition when it comes to creating a personal connection that your customers will come back to over and over.

Jonah Engler is a financial expert and an entrepreneur from NYC.