Jonathan Cawte
Jun 30, 2017 · 2 min read

There is one fundamental law that governs how we behave within our food environment: The Law of Food Proximity. It’s every bit as indisputable as Newton’s first law of physics. The rule is simple: if you can see it, smell it or reach it, you will eat it.

Changing your emotional relationship with food is essential, but doing this is almost impossible if you don’t change your food environment.

The Law of Food Proximity has as much power to drive weight loss as it does weight gain. You can harness the power of the Law of Food Proximity by keeping ONLY the correct food close at hand.

By doing so you’ll reduce the number of decisions that you have to make about food and preserved your levels of mental resolve. If you are constantly presented with your favorite high-energy foods it’s inevitable that you will slip up in a moment of weakness.

Changing your food environment is about taking the decisions away from you.

Who you spend your time with and how and where you spend your time can determine if you become an Executive Athlete or remain an executive in decline.

When you’re trying to give up incorrect eating habits, you’ll obviously have to give up certain foods. There are also habits you’ll have to give up (and perhaps people as well).

The executives who have the most success are the ones who are willing to change their environment. Their development accelerates when their family at home and colleagues at work support them as they change their food environment.

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