Competition is normally limited to playing arenas to uncover our sporting idols. It taps into our animal instincts. To improve the performance of any task find a way to compete.

Instantly your focus will narrow, your hearing will become sharper and our blood even improves its ability to form clots in case we get injured. Like a modern day Wolverine, competition prepares our body for a knife fight.

Gone are the days of Charles Darwin’s natural selection. Life is not an episode from David Attenborough’s latest series, but you are only alive because of competition. The humans have won. We are the dominant species because our ancestors beat all before them.

Competition is how we discover what we are capable of. You see the true depths of someone’s character in the face of adversity. Therefore our own personal growth and development requires a challenge. No growth comes without something to push against.

This is one of the reasons why I have had the greatest success with executives, especially competitive male executives. There is something in their DNA that binds their self-worth to their ability to overcome big challenges.

They are winners. They understand that overcoming a work, health or personal challenge is a game. It has rules and you can win or lose. The winning player doesn’t complain that ‘its unfair’. They accept responsibility for the outcome. Its up to them to produce the performance that gets the right result.

Competition is how you produce elite performance. Governments understand that raising productivity is often best accomplished by taking away barriers to competition.

Rugby League fans will tell you the State of Origin series is the ultimate competition. In my book I explain how Jarryd Hayne‘went to a place I’d never been before’ as a winner of the 2014 series.

As the challenge grows, the skill level of the champion grows with it.

The Executive Athlete program harnesses the best elements of an executive’s competitive nature. It’s a game that I created that allows executives to feel proud that they have final taken control of their health.

When an executive combines their competitive instinct with a hot desire their success is guaranteed. They have the dream lifestyle, there is little more they need or want; yet they manage to remain humble, for they remember the long climb from the bottom to the top.

Record your score on the Executive Athlete Scorecard and increase the power of your game. The scorecard benchmarks your physical health and the relationship with the mental demands of an executive role. Answer 40 yes/no questions and in 10 minutes you will have a tailored report with specific actions to improve your score.