baby steps to becoming a better me

some motivational wallpapers to help me out

For the next 10 weeks I want to work on myself.

I’m going to try doing these “mini goal sprints” that are structured in the form of streaks. The idea is that, at the beginning of each week, I lay out requirements that I try to follow for the next 7 days and attempt to write about my experience so I can stay accountable for all my actions.

Some things that I hope I will be able to improve on after this:

  • Goal planning — realistically getting better at scoping, defining, and executing goals that I have. I feel like recently it’s been easy to just say that I want to start doing stuff, but not really being able to stick to my verbal contract. I think this process will give me insight on how to better define and understand my goals
“I am definitely going to learn French on Duolingo.” — me (who can only speak English) at some point in 2017
  • Self-control — one of the easiest things to do with time and cash as a millennial is to be comfortable. This usually ends up with me spending more than I need to and not saying “no” enough. Just because I have the ability does not mean I should be indulging in every single opportunity. I want to get better at making well thought-out fully autonomous decisions in my life. Another thing is being able to stop doing things that aren’t in support of the goals I have for myself — like spending an hour on Instagram or getting boba because I feel like I have nothing better to do. I think this sprint challenge will give me small doses of self-control tests that can hopefully help me develop my self-control muscles 💪.
  • Writing skills — pretty self-explanatory here
  • Overall health and fitness — I really don’t want that  50 that I have heard rumors about, and I am not ready to succumb to the Dad Bod.
  • Colourize my life — I think my life has been pretty monochrome lately. It seems like i don’t have much to talk about with other people besides work & my dating life — and everything I do at work is pretty much confidential so I am slowly becoming one of those people who have nothing to share when it’s their turn to talk at the table. For some people this might be okay, but I want stories for days.
  • Risk-taking & self-esteem — Being more confident is hard. Achievements are something that I believe can help boost my confidence and the belief in myself that I can:

//do things i set my mind to

// handle difficult situations

// fail at things, learn from them, and be okay

// be a better person than i was in the past

I’ll update this list as the weeks progress, and you can click each item to go to the post! I think I’ll make a new story for each week? Not really sure about the best way to format this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. No Major Carbs
  2. Français tous les jours
  3. Piano Lessons
  4. Chat it up
  5. Read all about it
  6. Anti Social Social Media
  7. Reread
  8. Faith
  9. Work it out
  10. Arty Boy