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Fully adaptable to available screen space.

There’s a new CSS grid layout in town. It’s called CSS Grid Layout. No need for a fancy, double entendre names when you’re attempting to create a web standard.

You’re probably sitting there and thinking: “Well I already use a grid layout, so yeah…” Just give it a try. Google might seem overly ambitious at times, but there’s a few things that CSS Grid Layout does really well. Maybe even better that current conventions.


  • Custom row and column definitions for your layouts
  • CSS Grid Layout is fast
  • Grid is fluid and makes use most of available space
  • Content and display organization is…

Opaque Market Indicators & Silent Visionaries Everywhere

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Alibaba’s affiliate, Ant Financial, created a blockchain solution for charitable donations last year. Today they agreed to buy MoneyGram International. Their stocks were soaring ~10% at the time of writing this post. This is all fine and dandy until you realize Ant Financial is taking on MoneyGram’s ~$1Billion in debt. You know who else is in that much debt? Donald Trump and the Chelsea Football Club. What would possess Ant Financial to take over the Dallas based company, MoneyGram, without a plan to restructure and get it out of the red? Lets say it all together now: Bitcoin.

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The naysayers can scream blockchain all they want, but there is no more robust ledger than the bitcoin blockchain. We’re in a safe place. No one wants to audibly say “bitcoin” even though we read it everywhere. To the completely unaware: bitcoin is software (which most other cryptocurrencies are abutted to in some way or another) and not an actual f*cking coin. So why is everyone so afraid to talk about it? Because they use it, too. A lot of financial services are about to start implementing what I like to call “invisible bitcoin solutions.” I’d give it a cool acronym, but IBS is currently being occupied 💩. …

Limited Supply VIP Tickets & Promo Codes

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Note: At the time of writing this only one of the links gathered are sold out and that’s for “La Libertad Artistica.”

If you find yourself in Miami during Art Basel 2016 then hurry up and get these tickets before they’re all gone!

Skip over the first link if you know what’s going on and start RSVP-ing. Some tickets allow multiple up to 10 or 12, but don’t be that guy that RSVP’s 12 when it’s really just going to be you and a friend at most. Just saying…

List of All Events Scheduled

List of Limited Free Tickets to Events and VIP Access

Miami Project 5 (2016) // Complimentary VIP

Red Dot Miami | Spectrum Miami | ArtSpot Miami 2016 // VIP COLLECTOR…


Josh Echeverri | Developer and Designer focusing on building early stage startups and small businesses. 🤠

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