(This story is from March, 2012.)

The photos speak for themselves! This is my favorite condo in Downtown Austin. Wish we’d seen it on a sunnier day, but it was still spectacular.

One of my favorite W quirks is its clever, high-rise condo-style, Juliet balconies. If you image-search the term, you’ll see exactly what a traditional Juliet balcony looks like — and it’s just what you’d think. A small ledge with a railing, or even just an attractive wrought-iron rail for a floor-depth window.

Here’s the modern, W-style version:

You can slide the entire window panel to the right, effectively…

Quite a few years ago, REALTOR.com had a pretty busy section called “Ask a REALTOR®” They mothballed it, and I stored my own contributions in my portfolio. Some of the questions are kind of interesting, though, so I decided to plunk a few of them down here.

My favorite is from Chef John in Austin, because I have a mental image of what he might look like. Poor Chef John! It’s stressful when your fridge goes out, and I‘m sure someone called Chef John probably has a lot of interesting (and possibly expensive) food in the ol’ icebox.

Once again…

Earlier today, I posted a few of my old pieces, one of which was a run-down of local options for recycling various things. The story is so dated that even the name of Austin’s recycle center has changed, not to mention all of the links.

The best place to go if you want to know what to do with something you’re trying to dispose of is What Do I Do With…, courtesy of Austin Resource Recovery. Just start typing in the search box, and a drop-down list will populate with options for you to choose from.

Sorry, “dead body” isn’t on the list. You’ll have to ask Siri.

EDIT: Or not! Siri is no longer able to answer that question:
Siri’s Dead Body Joke Is Evidence in a Murder Trial.

I’ve moved julieholden.com here, to Medium. Frustrated by the vulnerability of WordPress, I decided to make a fresh start. My WP site was recently hacked, and fixing it required more knowledge of coding than I’ve ever had.

My site has always been about writing, so my friend and former Tech Writing colleague, Anne Gentle, suggested I try Medium. (She sent me this article describing Signal v. Noise’s move here.)

I’m populating my publication with old stories from my WP site, so you’ll see a bit of dated content dribble in over the next few days. Meanwhile, here’s a recent picture from one of our weekly walks (at a minimum) on the San Gabriel River.

(This story is from 2011. Some info is no longer accurate, but Austin did recently add STYROFOAM to their list of accepted items at the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center.)

I submitted this article to our neighborhood newsletter. There’s some useful information here, so I’m sharing it online as well.

Solid Waste Services: What Do I Do With…?

Is it just me, or are there more squirrels than ever this summer? And more vultures, too? To that end, I recently had the unfortunate circumstance of needing to dispose of a squirrel we found floating in our little blow-up pool. …

(This story is from February 26, 2013.)

There are two castle houses on the market in Austin right now.

This one in Northwest Austin is $599,000. It’s quite new to the market! It’s on 1/3-acre lot, and features six bedrooms and five baths, in 4333 sqft. The game room has a fireplace, pool table, foosball table, dance floor(!), two slot machines, AND two pinball machines. (Whether the equipment and tables convey is negotiable.) I’ve driven past this house many times because I show properties in this area quite frequently. It’s hard to miss! It’s a castle in an otherwise typical…

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