The Most Popular Man on Medium

Justin Kownacki
Mar 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Who is this guy?

You know you’ve seen him before.

In fact, you’ve probably seen him everywhere.

He’s the most popular man on Medium.

But he’s not a writer.

He’s a mustache in a suit.

And he’s here to teach you EVERYTHING.

He’ll show you how to be successful in the attention economy.

He’ll teach you who to follow on Medium.

He’ll teach you how to make more money on freelancing websites.

Heck, he’ll teach you how to improve your marketing and how to open sales conversations and how to answer “Why are you the best candidate for this job?” and how to navigate the endless conversation AND the #1 mistake costing professionals $1 million, all at the same time!

How does he do it?

Usually, he does it with the help of his trusty colleague.

Sometimes he does it all by himself.

Occasionally he does it by staring at his phone.

And once in awhile, he does it by staring pensively into the middle distance.

But he always gets the job done.

Because he’s up early, working hard, and maximizing his potential.

He’s here to help.

And he’s never going away.


(Well, at least not as long as every new Medium post uses the same free stock photos from Unsplash.)

So get used to him.

Because he’s here to stay.

He’s the unstoppable face of modern Medium.

… at least until this dude uploads a free photo set of himself in a business suit.

Justin Kownacki

Written by

I teach people how to tell better stories. @justinkownacki

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