Become part of a new type of coworking community where kindness meets business and serendipity runs wild.

Hello, friend.

Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. ☕

Here you can let your guard down, be yourself and work on the stuff that matters—at your own pace. No need to “move fast and break things”. Wouldn’t you rather go slow and make friends along the way?

Coworking sanctuary for kind people

We created a refuge for you to break free of the ‘dog-eat-dog’ world of business. A safe space to inspire you and give your project and yourself all the love needed to flourish.

Let’s forget the ‘dog-eat-dog’ way of business. We need more places for dreamers to dream and serendipity to run wild.

Are you working on your dream company from home and miss having kindred spirits around to share victories, challenges and pains with? Or are you renting a desk at a trendy co-working space that has absolutely everything covered but lacks a soul?

You’re not alone.

Grab the rope ladder and climb up to our treehouse

We’re starting a new type of co-working community for a new breed of entrepreneurs over at Funbase HQ—in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

A place where kindness meets business. ❤️️

That feels like home outside of home where you can be yourself, worry less and work on the stuff that’s in tune with your deeper…

We asked our community to help look for a new home in Amsterdam where adults can learn to embrace their inner child & experience the wonderful, transformative powers of play. And we found the absolute perfect spot.

(Scroll down until you see the Funbase logo if you’d rather skip the backstory)

A little over three years ago I was in a bad place.

I felt completely stuck. Which was extremely frustrating because I thought I had everything figured out. I’d met the love of my life, had a good job as a UX designer, nice appartement, shiny new car and an impressive Facebook timeline—but yeah…

Still miserable.

It took quite a while for me to realise that all the things I valued so much in my life were never ever going to make me happy. …

Kai Brouwer

Co-founder of Funbase & Treehouse Tribe in Amsterdam. I’m at my happiest when I play, connect with like-minded people and go on adventures out in the mountains.

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