Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future

There is no single person in existence who had a problem they wanted to solve, discovered that an available blockchain solution was the best way to solve it, and therefore became a blockchain enthusiast.

A blockchain is a literal technology, not a metaphor

In The Golden Compass, Dust permeates the world. It is created by consciousness and is itself conscious, and can condense into angels. Blockchain is not like that.

Blockchain-based trustworthiness falls apart in practice

It’s true that tampering with data stored on a blockchain is hard, but it’s false that blockchain is a good way to create data that has integrity.

An e-book consultant
“I’d rather look at the source code to make sure he didn’t vote twice.”

The entire worldview underlying blockchain is wrong

How exactly does blockchain stop this guy from spraying pesticides?

A crypto-medieval system

The Knights Templar was sort of a banking system, actually.
Trusted sellers of stolen credit cards and cocaine.

In the name of all blockchain stands for, it’s time to abandon blockchain

Smarter produce in under 2.2 seconds




Whatever the opposite of a futurist is

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Kai Stinchcombe

Kai Stinchcombe

Whatever the opposite of a futurist is

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