Here’s how a productivity writer approaches her to-do list

Young woman standing on top of tall green bar graph against white background.

Although I write about creativity and productivity for a living, my to-do list is a nightmare. Every day, it’s about a page long with 40 to 50 items. There are categories, subcategories, incremental tasks. Do I check everything off my list every day? No. And that’s the entire point. …

To make it easier, we wrote the responses for you

You can’t see them on the first page of your inbox, but you know they’re there. Your ancient unanswered emails lurk deep inside your inbox. Invitations you forgot, interesting opportunities you accidentally ignored, long messages you barely remember reading in the early days of the quarantine haze. …

Kara Cutruzzula

Journalist, playwright & author of DO IT FOR YOURSELF, a motivational journal. My newsletter encourages you every morning:

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