Why is Ed Krassenstein Such a Douche?

Panera Bread Resistance Turd Ed has a Problem With Women

You may know the Krassenstein Brothers from “endlessly being retweeted by kind democrats” in your Twitter timeline. They are the brothers who have built sizeable Twitter followings off such brave “resistance” tweets as this gem:

then why don’t you marry the FBI, BRIAN??????

They run a website called Hill Reporter, which I will not link to because I do not want them to receive any ad revenue.

They’re also famous for a book called “How the People Trumped Ronald Plump” notable for both the use of the left version of “Barfsack O’Crumbo” and for a weirdly buff Robert Mueller character who apparently buys his suits at the same place Chippendales does:

We love the FBI: Federally Buff Investigators

But what is often left out of the Krassenstein’s story is how they got here in the first place.

Well, the answer to that is that Hill Reporter isn’t their first business venture, and that business venture brought them very close to their FBI pals indeed.

You see, the Krassensteins’ homes were raided by the FBI in 2016 in conjunction with their participation in what have been called “Online Ponzi Schemes.”

As The Daily Beast Reported earlier this year,

According to the feds, the brothers also, until recently, ran websites that propped up fraudulent online financial scams. Law enforcement officials last year seized nearly half a million dollars from the brothers, money that prosecutors say was derived from wire fraud.
Long before they took up the #Resistance mantle, the Krassensteins began hawking dubious investment advice — way back in 2003 — on a pair of internet forums, selling ads to online money-making operations that included a number of apparent scams, including some run by people later convicted on charges ranging from fraud to capital murder
According to prosecutors, the services the Krassensteins promoted on their websites duped thousands of “investors” into funding Ponzi scheme-type scams and even resulted in some downloading a virus that emptied their accounts on an anonymous online-payment platform used by the Krassensteins themselves, before it was shut down as part of a major federal money-laundering investigation.

Man, those guys love the FBI so much, they participated in widespread fraud just to get them to come over!

Activists on the left who are actually organizing and doing on-the-ground work are also skeptical of the brothers’ motives and they are repeatedly referenced in every article about “online grifters” (usually alongside Eric Garland and Louise Mensch.)

They’re referenced that way because the overwhelming evidence points to them seeing the hashtag Resistance as nothing more than another grift opportunity.

And boy do they NOT LIKE IT when you mention that.

They’re extremely online guys who will follow ANYONE who mentions their name, so they can keep tabs on them.

Luckily for them, they have an army of breathless followers they can weaponize at a moment’s notice to help them feel better about themselves and silence dissent.

Reply to a tweet of theirs with anything but effusive praise, and you will be met with all manner of people instantly turning on you and calling you a “Trumpist” or something equally tragic or something downright hurtful or actionable. (Recently, one of them said I was a child conceived in incest. Great group!)

It is well known in media circles that, short of Elon Musk, the people who follow the Krassensteins are some of the most tenacious true believing assholes you’ll ever have the displeasure of tussling with online.

And that, dear friends, is where this story begins.

On election night, I tweeted this, after seeing numerous people retweeting the brothers:

Louis the Prince with the best comment

This is a joke, but it caught the attention of Ed, who then followed me.

What kind of sad person follows every person who mentions them even without the @?

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I seized my opportunity to tell Ed EXACTLY what I think of him (I mean, if someone you hated knocked on your door, wouldn’t you take extra pleasure in telling them to get the fuck off your property?) I fired up a DM:

Yes of course I meant MRSA.

Then, I blocked him and posted a tweet about it:

I love you, Sade

Ed was NOT BEST PLEASED that I DMed him. Not only was he cheesed the h*ck off, but he wanted to speak to the d*ng MANAGER about it. He tagged in every place I have bylines in from my bio with the classic “do they know you’re doing this” language.

So, I did not let this pass, because I am not that bitch.

You can read the Breitbart story here:https://medium.com/@karengeier/how-to-get-free-promo-from-breitbart-e27e7d11b183

He wouldn’t even admit to trying to tell on me.

He’s a li’l bitch about women, full stop.

After I made this comment about him being a lil bitch, he blocked me.

But his followers just kept on coming for me. I fielded dozens of people who are supposedly feminist, leftist people who told me to drop dead, they hope I get fired, etc.

One person made comments about my physical appearance vis-a-vis whether they would fuck me.

Again, just a spectacular group.

Every time someone insulted me, almost instantly, there would be 1 like.

That like?


(This will become important in a bit.)

This type of troll is easily dispensed with and I generally don’t pay them much mind, but I quote tweeted a few to highlight that maybe Ed’s fans aren’t paragons of leftist virtue, and that made him all kinds of h*ckin st*amed.

He sent me an email to the form on my website.

I check the web form email 1x a day, because I’m not an ER doctor, and anyone who I care about has my actual email address.

Ed wasn’t being served quickly enough, I guess, so he unblocked me to demand I look at his email:

Women owe me replies

You’ll notice something about this tweet: it’s a reply to me once again mentioning the name “Krassenstein.” That search program they have is tight.

I told him “no” but curiosity was getting the better of me. So, I opened it.

Here it is:

Russia did it!

You will notice that he does not start with an apology. He starts with a cover story that is so ridiculous as to be actively hostile to my intelligence.

The individuals in question were all the people whose tweets he was liking (including the aforementioned “incest” tweet.)

You’ll also notice that he takes a moment to chastise me once again for DMing him, but he’s willing to delete only ONE of the tweets, not all where he tries to get me fired.

Then, the coup de grace: He tries to pretend his grifting shitshow army is for his kids.

This is the kind of email a person sends when they don’t actually respect woman and are demanding some sort of satisfaction out of the deal.

So, Ed (I know you’re reading this, because it will come up in your Google search results that you breathlessly monitor):

I do not accept this half-assed attempt at rapprochement.

My comments to you still stand and are now enhanced with me adding:

You have a problem with women, particularly women who talk back to you.

In this regard, you are no better than the President you claim to loathe partially for his misogyny.

And Ed, I don’t think your children have much of a hope in hell with a grifting misogynist dad who can’t stand 10 minutes without people lobbing adulation at them.

Get fucked, Ed.

Ed Krassenstein is not a “force to be reckoned with” online. He is a grifter who needs to be exposed every chance we get, because people like him taint the actual good work of leftist activists who are putting blood, sweat and tears into the war against fascism in America.

Ed is just a toolbag with a Macbook Pro.

Unfollow the Krassensteins. Don’t buy their shitty book, and follow some real activists and maybe kick them some cash if you can:

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