Why CoinFi market intelligence platform ? (Part 2)

Previously, I posted the Part 1, where it focused on the CoinFi ecosystem, News & Data, and Research & Analysis. This Part 2 focuses on Trading Signals.

Trading Signals

The Part 1 covers the News & Data and Research & Analysis provided by CoinFi to equip you with a real informational advantage to invest in crypto. In addition to that, have you ever encountered the problems such as

  • quickly identify which coins have abnormal price movement and/or volume in a short period of time
  • quickly identify a sudden acceleration of social media traffics (ie Twitter, Reddit) that indicate that “something is happening” to that coin

Currently, investors/traders either do not have these trading signals or have to manually scan for these signals which is very time consuming. CoinFi Trading Signals will provide these trading signals for crypto investors via both in-house signals and crowdsourced signals. These signals can automate the early detection of these market conditions, hence saving investors time and effort to identify investment opportunities.

In-house signals

These in-house tools will be developed by CoinFi experts with skills and experience of ex-Wall Street analysts, hedge fund managers, data scientists, data engineers, etc. This solid team will make sure that the trading signals are top-notch.

Crypto market is very inefficient, especially in the alt coin space. For example, whales can generate some news, hype it up, and buy it aggressively to create a “fake” picture of upward price momentum, causing the news to spread on social media channels. Then they would dump their coins to those new buyers at a very high price. With the skills and experience mentioned above, CoinFi in-house is capable of developing some quantitative model used by high frequency hedge funds to easily detect the market manipulation above or any abnormal market conditions.

In the initial phase, CoinFi will develop these tools internally and provide investors with these trading signals. Some sneak peek….

Crowdsourced signals

Similarly, whether you are quantitative analysts, portfolio managers or any crypto traders, you can develop you own trading signals and monetize them via selling them on the CoinFi Signal Marketplace. The more efficient/profitable your trading signals, the higher price you can sell it for due to higher demand. This is also a great use case of the CoinFi token economy where the COFi token holders can bid for access to exclusive trading signals, creating token utilities.

Should I use Trading Signals ?

If you are a technical trader, I believe these signals are very valuable to you. Even if you are a pure fundamental analyst/trader who trade solely based on news or fundamental analysis, it’s worth trying out these trading signals because crypto is a very inefficient market where abnormal market conditions happens quite often without any news or catalyst moving the price. These signals could be

  • size of current bids and offers in the market versus the average historical size
  • price volatility
  • price momentum
  • cancelling of large / bids and offers
  • volume acceleration

The next article (coming soon) will cover

  • Trading Algorithm
  • Access to CoinFi platform
  • CoinFi Token (COFI)
  • Others

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