Katch.me now allows full text search across its archive of over 1 million videos

Now searchable: over 1 million videos on Katch

Katch turns 1 this week (they grow up so fast)! And serendipitously, we just passed our 1 millionth Katch last month. With an archive of post-live videos this large, we want to make it simple for everyone to find awesome content and creators. So what better way to celebrate than… drumroll please… video search! This is one of our most requested features. While we hinted at search with our 0.1 release, you can now search through our archive by keyword, users and hashtags. Pretty cool right?

Here’s how it works

First up — go to the search bar. You’ll notice that you can search for your friends on Katch by screen name or handle and they’ll autocomplete in the dropdown menu.

User search autocompletes, search for videos by pressing “enter” or clicking on “Show Videos”

Now for the juicy stuff. See that “Show Videos for…” link? Click on that link or just press “Enter” to search for videos. We search hashtags, video titles, and Twitter & Periscope handles/names across the entire archive. Our index is updated every minute, so your real-time contributions are searchable almost immediately. It’s super fast. Want to walk around the streets of Rome? Here’s some beautiful results to do just that:

Play with the live Rome results here!

You can sort by recency or popularity. Recency is the default. Popularity looks at engagement and size of audience.

Let the hashtag searches begin

This wouldn’t be mobile social video search without hashtags, and guess what? All those tags you painstakingly added to your scope titles? They finally help users find your stuff. Plus the hashtags are live links in the search results— clicking on a hashtag in a video title links to another search based on that hashtag. It’s a super fun way to browse and explore videos! Try it yourself on these wonderful #sunset Katches:

Play with the live #sunset results here!

Introducing facets

Been wondering about those hashtags and creators in the right hand column? Those are called “facets” and they’re a simple way of filtering down the list of results by popular hashtags or people. Here we sort through all of power-user iSocialFanz’s videos tagged by SXSW:

SXSW with Brian Fanzo you say? Check out the live search results here!

Or maybe you want to see all of LearnAroundTheWorld’s most recent videos from Tulum? We’ve got results for that:

Tulum? We’ve got results for that

A step forward for live/mobile video

We’ve continued to bang the drum for the huge opportunity in Live/Mobile video, but no other platform lets you search like this. At Katch, our goal is to make mobile video hosting, distribution, and discovery simple and fast. We want to offer value for the next generation of video creators and their audiences. Our Search 1.0 release today is an incredible start, but all that data is begging for even deeper and more personalized experiences.

Stay tuned!

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