Raptoreum Full Spec List

Jan 28, 2019 · 1 min read
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  • Algorithm: Ghostrider (this is our own POW algorithm)
  • Ticker: RTM
  • Total Supply: 21 billion
  • Difficulty Adjustment: DGW (Dark Gravity Wave)
  • Block Reward: 5000 RTM
  • Block Time: 120 seconds
  • No Halving: Instead we are designing a custom emissions schedule
  • Pre-Mine: No
  • Privacy: Yes, private sending will be available
  • ICO: No
  • Fair Launch: Check LitePaper for early rewards
  • Founders Reward: 5%
  • Smooth Emission / Reward Schedule: https://medium.com/@kawwwoin/raptoreum-rewards-and-emissions-e9ab989b4dc8
  • Assets / Tokens System: Yes
  • RTM Recycle System: RTM used to create assets are not burnt, instead they are recycled and used to enhance miner and masternode rewards.
  • Lock Coin In Asset: Lock X amount of coins into an asset, and set when you want them unlocked (block # or timestamp)
  • Smart Contracts: On roadmap, not on for mainnet launch
  • Masternodes: Used for smart contracts and our “Prysm” protection system (51% / double spends)
  • Masternode Collateral And Rewards: TBD (we are working on a custom tiered system)
  • 51% / Double Spend Protection: Yes, we are developing are own protection system for this code named “Prysm”.

This list is likely to change as we progress through testnet stages 1–3 and mainnet.

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