You know what they say, all the good ones are either taken or dead!

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You found the perfect man — congratulations! But, is there a crippling doubt seeping into your relationship? Are you worried that your boyfriend is actually an opaque ghost? Unfortunately, humaning– opaque ghosts pretending to be alive to date human women — is becoming more and more common. Here’s how you can tell if your boyfriend is a human, or just a very opaque ghost pretending to be alive to get close to your soft, warm, living flesh.

Does he answer your Ouija questions?

Communication is an important part of any relationship. But, only ghosts can communicate through supernatural forces. Try…

The online freelancing movement is a rewarding global phenomenon that lets you trounce physical or geographical limitations and build a wildly successful career.

The gig economy opens a whole new world of work from home opportunities from across the globe. That makes freelancing perfect for people looking to travel the world or suffering from a chronic illness that makes it challenging to hold down a normal office job.

As part of this movement, you can put your skills, education, knowledge, and experience to excellent use and improve your life. …

I have spent most of the last seven years travelling, and in that time I’ve become an expert on how to travel stress-free. Most of the time, anyways.

On my trips, there were times when I felt like I had all the energy in the world; I could climb a mountain, go for a run, wander for miles around town. Other times, I felt exhausted and became prone to taking quick naps on the heated toilet seats of Japan’s bathroom stalls. However, I am living proof that enjoyable travel and long-term travel is possible with CFS.

Whether you’re off on…

Do you want to work and travel around the world? Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of extra online income to save for your next trip?

Whatever your goals are for working while travelling, this list will provide my best resources for work and travel whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to bring your remote career to the next level!

Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments!

Find online jobs that let you work and travel

Freelance jobs:

Croudie Network works with freelancers from around the world. Work is within their full-time agency and the staff are wonderful to work with. Croudie Network — Another…

In honour of my upcoming 7-year anniversary of nomad life, I’m sharing a series on what my life is like travelling and working online!

I first started writing online content as a way to pay for my yoga teacher training, but I fell in love with the job (and my really cool clients!). …

2019 will mark my 7 year on the road. It’s wild to think that come August I’ll hit my 7-year anniversary of working and travelling.

I’ve loved writing this blog and creating yoga programs while travelling. I’ve also made a point of teaching yoga in person over the last year and hope to keep doing more of that this year (anyone in Toronto over the summer fancy some therapeutic yoga in the park?).

I get a lot of questions about my life on the road, both from people living with a chronic illness who want to know how I travel…

When I first started studying yoga, I was amazed at how much about my health I discovered that no doctor had told me. There were healing traditions from different parts of the world that were effective in treating chronic illnesses. But my doctors either didn’t know about them or didn’t believe in them. When I first set off to travel around the world, one of my goals was to study healing practices from other cultures. Six years later, I’m still building that knowledge. Yet, one thing that stuck with me was how much changing location could change my health. …

Bansko is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. In the summer there’s plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. In the winter, the town fills with ski bums hitting the slopes or snow-shoeing trails. But what about when the sun sets and your muscles are aching?

Sure, there’s plenty of bars to head to for your apres-ski, but what about for those of us who want to relax our muscles and minds after a long day of adventures? Or what if you’re the partner of an outdoor enthusiast looking for a way to enjoy your time in Bansko?


One of the reasons I wanted to become a nomadic yoga teacher, was to encourage myself to stick to the healthy habits and routines I had been cultivating back home. Of course, it didn’t quite work out that way…

There was poutine. So much poutine. And curry’s with nan bread served with a side of deep fried everything. New types of fast food to try that somehow always seemed more appealing than a new type of vegetable, and sugary juice that always seemed more appetizing than water to stave of dehydration.

The healthy habits I had worked so hard to…

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So, you want to be a digital nomad.

I’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle for 4 years now and I love it. It’s given me the freedom and flexibility to live a life full of adventure. But it’s not all sitting on the beach trying not to get sand in your laptop while sipping on mojitos. Being a digital nomad can have its challenges. …

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