A light-skinned woman sits in a half-full bathtub, her face and arms hunched over her knees in sadness. Photo courtesy of Tophee Marquez, Pexels.

A set of grocery store shelves that are almost entirely empty except for a few bags of food.

A very young black girl wears a spunky grin and a shirt that says “Future Leader.”

But I have to make a choice between scrutiny and erasure.

A blank concrete wall with a simple black wheelchair figure occupying a small portion of it.

A note from a coworker made me wonder if EDS was the reason my body acted differently.

A young person with pale smooth skin lightly touches her body thoughtfully

A young woman looks thoughtfully into the camera with a beautiful blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds behind her.

Kella Hanna-Wayne

Creator & writer for the social justice blog www.yoppvoice.com | Articles on disability, chronic illness, mental health, and self-improvement.

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