New Beginning — 2017 [y/o Rooster]

The past remains passed
The present is always passing
The future is never present

Do not hold onto the Now!

There is no suchness

as a tangible Now!

The Now! is ever changing

refusing to become stagnant

The Now! is only present

when it is passing.

Ponder the pale full moon

the tombstone of the sun

Recognize that each month

contains a new moon

Gaze upon the raising sun

as your awakening

Every season must pass

for another to begin

Mourn the passing of the present

Do not linger in staleness.

The worst that can happen

that it fleetingly ends

Framed by comings and passings

inspires reunion from within

Each breath thru respiration

fills the spirit of life

Surrender all to exhalation

reveals the tale of persistence

Trials and tribulations

stimulates and cultivates growth.

Do not occupy the breath

with tall-tales of worries

Be each breath an expression

stemmed deep from rooted verity

The Breath is eternal

but not in this material form

Do not hesitate to make haste

act with gracious hurry

A renewed zodiatic cycle

procreates a New Beginning.

Thanks for visiting! Happy Year of the Rooster!

Dry Monkey

aka Kenneth Bui

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