Reasoning Afterward

As I wrote before, I don’t have any interest in how my life goes on. I hope it would be happy, though. What I’d like to say here is that it’s not my business worrying about what happens and affects my life. Things just emerge, which is not inevitable.

Needless to say, joyful life is better than harsh one. I even won’t embrace reasonless pain. I’d rather avoid laborious things if I could. While meaningless things just happen, I’m pursuing such a life as I can live with my mind kept sound. How can I be so?

Everything that happens is a “guidance”, Yosuke Kubozuka, one of the Japanese actors whom I have a true respect to, once said. He fell from the balcony of his room on the 9th floor and realized the “fact”. It, of course, sounds like delusional. I agree.

I, however, think that you had better to take him seriously if you want to make your life enjoyable. If whatever happens is always a “guidance” from someone, there must be some reason. You can make your insignificant life reasonable with whatever reason you like.

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