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Plagiarism checkers are really helpful in all aspects of life — it makes students respect other people’s work and don’t steal their ideas, from the business perspective these tools help to protect your copyrights and secure your internal documents. That’s why I created a list with free plagiarism detection tools.


It works on Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Moodle and Web. It detects copyright infringement in your essays, research paper, coursework or dissertation. It supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scholar and Books.This tool supports 190+ languages. You can check your text by URL, Online or file upload. Just copy and paste or type your text in the appropriate field, provide a URL, or upload a file from your computer. Supported file types include: TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2, PDB. However, there are limits of plagiarism checks per day.


You can just upload the document you wish to check from your computer, the cloud or by copying and pasting it. The original formatting will be kept. Your document won’t be shared with anyone.

PlagScan compares your document to:

  • Billions of online sources
  • More than 20.000 scientific journals
  • Your own documents

Plagiarized text, potential plagiarism and citations are directly highlighted in the text. Sources are clearly displayed and accessible.

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This plagiarism checker is the best service to check for business or academic plagiarism online. Through cloud computing, it finds copies of your content throughout the internet. The sophisticated search engine scans more than 60 trillion pages of the internet and databases. Copyleaks supports many file formats (doc, pdf, html, txt and more) in any language.


With the easy-to-use interface and highly detailed scanning process, it only takes three simple steps for Viper to review your document for plagiarism and produce a full report. Imply the selected document using the Viper online app and submit it to be checked for plagiarism against 10 billion sources. Viper works its magic — it scans against essays, journals, and numerous other sources published on the internet. You receive a clear and concise highlighted plagiarism report, showing exactly where your document has matched to other existing content.


A goal of Quetext team is to empower writers with a sense of security in their work. The developers of Quetext are technology enthusiasts, and passionate about pushing the limits in new and innovative ways. So when you use Quetext, rest assured knowing your work will never end up in the hands of someone else.

Quetext is entirely free. No account, registration or downloads needed. Just copy and paste text in the designated area.


How this tool works:

  • Attach the file from your computer or just copy the text and paste it into the special field.
  • Click the ‘check my essay’ button.
  • Wait for the engine to submit your request and examine content.
  • Receive a plagiarism report including the percentage of uniqueness of your text. Any copied words and expressions will be highlighted, and a list of sources with the same content will be presented.

There is only one way to foretell your academic success — gain absolute confidence in the quality of assignments you submit. Although quality is paramount when it comes to academic papers, one aspect of any professional work that can never go unmentioned is originality.

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You can use this plagiarism scanner in a few simple steps:

  • There are various options to enter the text. You can upload a document OR choose from Dropbox OR just copy and paste the text in the text box.
  • To exclude any URL, click on “Exclude a Specific URL”.
  • Then click on “Check Plagiarism” button.

When the test is done, you’ll be given an exact percentage that tells you how original or unique your article is. Phrases or sentences shown in red already exist online and will not pass Google plagiarism tests.


Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, submissions are analyzed in real-time with results typically appearing 5–15 seconds after submission. The cloud-based software that is used for Paperrater tool digs deep into the syntax and structure of your text without the need to sign up, login, or download. You won’t find another tool offering plagiarism checking, automated proofreading, grammar check, and automated scoring that can analyze your text this quickly.


Grammarly is an automated proofreader and plagiarism checker. It makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. This plagiarism checker scans 16 billion web pages and ProQuest’s databases. Instantly check for hundreds of grammatical mistakes. Grammarly’s plagiarism checker crosschecks your text against over billions of web pages, detecting plagiarized passages and highlighting sections that have been previously published elsewhere. You will also get advanced feedback on word choice, sentence structure, clarity, and conciseness.

Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker

Just paste your content on the space provided above and then click on “Check for Plagiarism” tab. That’s all you need to do! Search Engine Report Plagiarism will run your content through its database of millions of websites to give you the best Plagiarism checker report that you require. Alternatively, you can upload the file that you need to check. The Plagiarism checker will run through every word and every sentence in your content to give you an accurate and reliable results for your essay, article or whatever content that you need to scan.

Moreover, Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker does not save any content searched through the tool. The results that you will see after using the Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker will have red or green highlights in them. Green indicates that your content for that specific part is plagiarism free. While, the red signal indicates that the content has already been published on the internet, so you need to change that.

What plagiarism checker do you use?

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