Cheating death using the Science of Cryonics

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If you were offered the option to cheat death and wake up in the future, would you take it? It might sound like a far-fetched science that you only see in movies, but it is the reality for many cryonic laboratories such as Alcor.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alcor is a life-extension foundation practising and offering preserving life by pausing the dying process using subfreezing temperatures with the intent of restoring good health with medical technology in the future.

Note that they are not offering an option to bring you back from the dead. Cryonics is about pausing the dying…

You don’t even need to be an artist

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It may be a new year, but we still are still stuck in our homes. Hopefully not for another whole year, but until then, I have come up with a few crafty ways you can make some money.

Combining your hobbies and interests with a business is an excellent idea. I have tried all these ideas and everything is my own experience. I use these to make a side income for myself. However, you can always turn it into something much bigger for yourself!

Here are some artsy crafty ways to make an income for yourself while at home:

Resin coasters

This is a newer trend that came up around the middle of last year and is…


A powerful method to improve behaviour, enhance performance and health and teach a dog to learn willingly — through trust

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Photo by SangSanit on iStock

Unlike humans, animals cannot communicate verbally as we easily do. Instead, when you do something they don’t enjoy (such as bathing them), your dog will first give you clues —either by looking at you or whining. And if that doesn’t work to get you to stop then they will start being more aggressive — such as air-snapping, nipping or growling at you.

What owners like to label as “aggressive behaviour” is really just your dog's way of letting you know that they don’t like what’s going on, because they can’t verbally.

Last year January my family and I adopted Rocky…

The creepy science behind the fungus that turns ants into zombies

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Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

A fungus that infects and slowly moves through the body with the goal of controlling the brain and manipulating its’ hosts body sounds like something you might see in a horror movie or video game. Well, that’s because it is. In the planet of The Last of Us, a cannibalistic creature infected by a fungus known as the Cordecypes has taken over the world in the 2013 Playstation-exclusive game.

Trends shaping the working world post-Covid

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Photo by Maria Stavreva on Getty Images

For the past few months, the world of work has had to reinvent itself and nothing could have prepared us enough for this, despite the immense incline in technology advancements over the past few years.

Naturally, change is inevitable. And from here on, we are in a post-pandemic recovery stage, a process we all need to go through.

Working from home (WFH) is the culture shift many never saw coming — a trend bound to shape our future. Over the past few months commuting has taken on a new definition. …

How I learnt Russian fluently as a native English speaker

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Photo by Sean Kong on Unsplash

Learning a new language is always fun — or at least it starts out that way. You start by learning basic common words and transition into learning short sentences. You’re so proud that you can introduce yourself and even count to ten in the foreign language. But day by day, it gets harder and you realize this language learning thing isn’t as much fun as you thought — you stop doing it for a week and boommm you’ve already forgotten almost half of what you’ve learnt.

That was definitely me…

How working in 25-minute sprints boosts your productivity — The Pomodoro Technique

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Photo by Alexandra Koch on Pixabay

As we all deal with this crazy time we’re living in, we tend to find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty. With working from home, it can feel like all you do is sit at your office desk, staring at your screen for hours upon hours.

Truth be told — we don’t really need to spend all day on our work. In our true human nature, we tend to view working as starting strictly from 9 and ending at 5. Within this time we expect to be fully focused, apart from a quick coffee and lunch break. But this…

“I did this a hundred percent on my own even when so many people in my close life were hoping that I would fail.”

At the age of only 21 years old, YouTuber Alana Arbucci can afford to buy her dream house. And no, not just any ordinary home; in the video titled “buying my first house at 21!” she explains how she is looking for homes in Connecticut for around $550,000.

Video by Alana Arbucci on Youtube

The Journey to 400k Subscribers

Alana’s Youtube journey began back in 2017 while still in college where she was studying to become…

As an unemployed college student, I decided to test it. Test if I really can make $1000 with my limited time of 2hrs a day. Here’s what went down.

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Photo by Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

About a month ago, I came across a Youtube video (non-sponsored) of a vlogger sharing her experience teaching English online. It was kind of by accident; I wasn’t searching for any side hustles — I was getting ready to send my CV to a local hotel to earn some extra money on the weekends. Since I’m in college, I can’t apply for a job during the weekdays, so I had to put up with only working on weekends and not earning as much as I would like to.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Online)

I had recently started watching this New York lifestyle vlogger on Youtube…

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Living in South Africa & currently studying a Business + Economics degree at PIHE.

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