Comparing things in JavaScript == vs ===, which should I use?

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If === is not equal to == then what does it equal???


huh? — Giphy

Let’s break it down

First, let us define the two operators:

  • === is known as the Strict Equality Operator
  • == is the Abstract Equality Operator
A === B // returns true or false
Y == Z // also returns true or false
1 == "1" // returns true1 === "1" // returns false as the type is not…

Will a forced culture of working from home have a negative impact on remote working?

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Remote-working during a pandemic

I recently started a job as a software developer and part of the draw was that I had the option to work from home.

Over the past 8 months, I’ve gradually adapted to a mixed week of 2/3 days of remote work, balanced with days in our London office.

For those who have been forced to working remotely since COVID-19, I want to assure you, this is not normal.

At this moment, you are not just “working from home.” You are “at your home, during a crisis, trying to work.” — Kelli María Korducki

Working during a pandemic, no matter how unaffected you feel, is significantly harder than normal. …

Two ways to quickly remove an element from an array in JavaScript

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So you want to remove an item from an array in JavaScript?

Well, you’re not alone!

It’s one of the most upvoted JavaScript questions on stack overflow and can feel a little unnatural considering how simple it is to array.push().

Method 1 — remove an element with Array.filter()

If you want to remove an element while leaving the original array intact (unmutated) then filter() is a good choice!

Removing a single element:

const itemToRemove = 3const originalArray = [2, 51, 3, 44]const newArray = originalArray.filter(item => item !== itemToRemove)console.log(newArray) // [2, 51, 44]
console.log(originalArray) // [2, 51, 3, 44]

We define a variable newArray and set it equal to the return value of our array filter. Inside of our filter, we pass an ECMAScript 6 arrow function. …


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