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Between having to write in-line styles, worrying about Outlook’s issues (there’s a lot), and writing tables like I’m stuck in the ’90s. Developing HTML emails blows. Some great services make the need for developing HTML emails non-existent. Which is great, woohoo. Article over.

But, we need something more custom and and little more brand friendly.

MJML is my favorite email framework. The framework has a lot of pre-built components with style overrides. You then compile the components to regular HTML with all styles in-lined and every Outlook hack to make everything work just the way Gmail intended it to. If…

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TL;DR, I wrote an automated email using Firebase and a few other tools to remind me to never park in a restricted parking area.

My office is within walking distance of the Cubs stadium, Wrigley Field. During night games, most of the street parking is permitted after 5 pm. Which leave me in a predicament: I have to move my car before 5 pm on night games so I don’t get a ticket. Last year someone in the office racked up $300 in parking tickets.

The first thing I thought to do was to add all the night games in my calendar, but there are tons of night games and I was lazy, so manual wasn’t gonna work. …

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A few months ago I was tasked with cleaning up some icons and then preparing them for development. The icons were built in illustrator, one icon per illustrator file with multiple layers for different color options. There were somewhere around 200 icons, that needed to get exported to SVG and PNG. The SVG was for developers to use in their UI. The PNG was for a Powerpoint I had to build that was used as a catalog for reference to all of the icons and the possible color options.

200 Illustrator files with four layers, exported to two different file…

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