KotoWars Alpha Season 4: Love and Rage, Game Items

Mar 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello our pawesome friends!

This post was published separately from the start of the new season, but we cannot leave our changes without a description.
We want to say that the duration of the seasons now doesn’t depend on the blog posts on the medium and is always two weeks.

You can always follow the deadlines, awards and leaderboard updates in our discord or twitter.

Season 4: Love & Rage

The season brings the new specialist — Charmer, who helps kitties to find their love.


Enemies betray their champions for this kitty

Allyouneed is Flapflap! The remaining magic from February, 14th will help players to find these kitties

Charmer is the first specialist who can control and interact with enemy’s tokens. So as Herbalist and Poisoner, the specialist runs into the battlefield, uses their ability, and runs away.

The full list of specialists can be found on our page. They help players to diversify the gameplay and bring them closer to victory in their own preferable game style.
As a reminder: the more damage a player deals to Stitches the higher their position in the leaderboard and the reward is more valuable. Stitches finally got pissed off at players trying to defeat him and he’s RAGING! Charmer will help you counter it!

KotoWars game

Game Items

This season we also introduce an important part of KotoWars — game items.

Players would earn them during account progression, PVE campaigns and receive as PVP rewards.
In the future, each of these items will be a unique NFT token on the blockchain and players will be able to exchange or sell them using NFT markets or swap services.

These tokens are closely tied to the economic model of the game and the progression system since our idea is to reward players activity within KotoWars. We are actively working on these mechanics and will offer them to your attention in future updates.

KotoWars Discord bot

There will be two types of items in KotoWars: cosmetic and utility items. In season 4 we want to introduce cosmetics — different types of visual improvements to your kitty. We decided to start with kitty hats, but there surely will be other types of items, the main task of which is to beautifully complement any kitty.

Each hat is an SVG-picture, which can be “dressed” on any normal kitty (not Fancy, Exclusive, SE). While we are working on progression and award systems, these hats are randomly shown on your champions. Also, you can play with our bot on CryptoKitties and KotoWars Discord servers via using `!kw <kitty id>` command.

Our future NFTs are a part of the global KittyVerse ecosystem. We believe that KittyVerse NFTs will bring more diversity to user experience of CryptoKitties and help kitty owners customize their collections even more.

KotoWars Team

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