Special cryptokitties in KotoWars

Jan 13, 2019 · 5 min read

Hello Purriors,

In the last post we talked about how your cryptokitties are interpreted in KotoWars. The basic principles of transforming cat’s genes into certain parameters are applied to all normal kitties, but you must admit that despite the great variety of combinations these are just different shades of the same color.

In Kotowars we want to customize your kitties even more, emphasizing the uniqueness of each cat and adding a variety of reasons to appreciate your digital kittens.

Each cryptokitty is special, and we want to strengthen the connection between players and their digital assets by involving the players in the process of customization and create the special love that the master feels to the artwork.

Also, players’ efforts will be rewarded by both: the mechanics of the game and other users who are aware of the advantages of your cat within KotoWars.

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So we would like to introduce the specialization of cryptokitties.

This is a slightly more complicated mechanic in KotoWars, which diversifies both the game and a gang creation. Different combinations of cryptokitties together with champions and magic system will allow you to assemble unique decks and choose the style of play that you prefer.

Specialists are the same CryptoKitties-NFT in your gang who are trained in special skills.

Skills can vary from supporting your kitty-fighters by buffing them to helping your champion to participate in the battle.

Only you decide which specialists to include in your gang, based on your desire and an understanding of the winning strategy.

Specialists mechanics is one of the ways to balance the combat mechanics of KotoWars. They participate in card combos, allowing you to turn the course of the game to your advantage.

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How cryptokitties get a specialty?

To train your cat, it must fit certain requirements:

  • You need a manual to instruct the Kitty
  • The kitten must have a genetic predisposition to be a certain type of specialists

A manual is a special kind of resource that player receives as rewards in PVE campaigns, tournaments and during account progression. This is an ERC-20 token that we transfer to your ethereum wallet. And then you decide what to do with it: to train your kitty, to sell the manual on the marketplace or to gift it to a friend.

Genetic predisposition is a necessary combination of your crypto kitten’s genes. This is similar to the recipe of fancy cats in CryptoKitties.

For example, to train a normal kitty to be a healer the cat should have cloudwhite and pouty traits.

“Healer” is a specialist who heals your champion on the amount of HP equal to their defense. This is important because defense and attack depend on cat’s fur cattribute: the more defense cat gets the less attack they have.

The best healers are:

  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Ragdoll (1–15) — heals the champion by 15 hp
  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Persian (1–15) — heals the champion by 15 hp

More combative healers:

  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Lykoi (9–7) — heals the champion by 7 hp
  • Cloudwhite + Pouty + Chartreux (6–10) — heals the champion by 10hp

You decide which specialist you need and breed it in CryptoKitties or buy it on the market from other users. And if you want to become a producer of such cats you breed them for sale.

If your cat fits the requirements and you have the necessary manual, you can teach your cryptokitty the specialty. One cat can have only one specialty at a time, retraining discards the previous specialty.

All recipes and existing list of specialists will be stored on the blockchain, so users can always verify this information.

The learning process is also a blockchain transaction. When you want to train a cat, you specify to smart-contract a kitten’s ID, specialization and pay for it with the required manual and gas for the transaction. Do not worry, this is a simple operation and the cost should be around a few cents.

Specialization distinguishes the kitty among your collection and increases its value among users within the game, potentially creating a new market for CryptoKitties.

The cost to play a specialist will depend on the effect the skill has on the game.

It forces players to take a more responsible approach for gang formation.

As we has written we plan to extend the Stitches Invasion campaign. We will divide it into several seasons and the winners will be awarded with KotoWars Alpha Tokens. Each new season we will add new content and functionality. New specialists are the part of these updates and we really want to hear your feedback on each of them.

In the first season, we will introduce the healers described above. They cannot be forged with the Constructor and you need to be the owner of cloudwhite + pouty cats.

But to facilitate the gameplay in the KotoWars Alpha, you don’t need to train them using the manual. All your cloudwhite + pouty cats are already healers. You just need to find them among your cats and add to the gang.

There is a special search input in the Gang Builder where you can enter the cattributes and find corresponding kitties.

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Proper use of healers will help in your fights against Stitches, increase your score and bring you closer to the victory.

Please tell us about your thoughts on specialists and follow us on our social media channels.

KotoWars Team

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