KotoWars Alpha Season 7: Anticipation. Shedding light on a new design and multiplayer

Hello our Pawesome friends!

April is here, the Sun is shining and trees are turning green. Already more than 1,500,000 cryptokitties meet the spring with us. They wink at you from the page and hint that they are ready to play games!

This is a biweekly post of the new KotoWars season.
We added new animations, fixed some UI limitations and corrected formulas and probabilities in Stitches Invasion.

Season 7: Anticipation

Now the KotoWars Team is working on two major things: redesigning interface and multiplayer.
The current interface is the initial sketch of the future game. It allows players to choose cryptokittens, search for the specialists and fill their decks. Alpha version tries to send users into the battle with Stitches as quickly as possible.

With the new interface, we want to make it more convenient to navigate and view your cryptokitties collection.
Also, we want to add tutorials, progressions, and leaderboards to the game. These are the screens of the new interface of KotoWars:

Gang selection in KotoWars
Add Champion in KotoWars

With the new interface, we have prepared the ground for game items and players’ statistics. Players will be able to customize kitties within the game. Kotowars backend will provide the kitty image with the assigned items for other platforms to display.

Champion selection in KotoWars

Meanwhile, we are already testing the multiplayer mode and we are considering the possibility to add an initial version in the next seasons. This version will allow the use of kitty fighters only and will be focused on polishing the skeleton of the mode and finding the bugs.

The gameboard UI also awaits changes. This is one of the upcoming major redesigns of KotoWars. Now we are experimenting with animations and a general appearance of the game to find the best style for the KotoWars.

Hypnotist zombie
Tavern Vexillary

Thanks to our early adopters for beeing with us. The KotoWars Alpha Tokens you are earning are the future currency for buying limited edition KotoWars Alpha sets. We appreciate your support and interest and we want to create the unique cosmetic NFTs for your cryptokitties that you can proudly display in the future.

KotoWars Team