Kotowars Alpha Tokens (KAT) for early adopters

Jan 8, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello Purriors,

The Christmas holidays are over and the new 2019 has come

And we continue working on KotoWars and are very happy about the feedback we’ve received from our players. Having recently published a presentation about the concept of the game, we were carefully listening to the comments from the community and trying to understand whether we have chosen the right direction for the development of the project.

At the moment we are working on the multiplayer mode and on the mechanics and customization of our game. We are gradually moving on with our roadmap and in order not to make players waiting we plan to extend the Stitches Invasion campaign.

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The goal is to deal as much damage to Stitches as possible, but the leaderboard will be divided into few seasons. Before each season we will add new functionality which will require to come up with new strategy to get the most points, and after each season we will be awarding top 10 positions in leaderboard with our Kotowars Alpha Tokens (KAT).

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The winner of the season will receive 10 tokens, and the 10th place will receive 1 token. In case of equality of points those players will receive the same number of tokens, corresponding to a lower position they hold in the ranking (e.g. if 2nd and 3rd places get the same score, both players will get the award for 3rd place).

Also 10 tokens will be received by all participants of the Halloween event, the results of which can be viewed here. We will try to contact each of the players from the list and find out the address of the Ethereum wallet. But if you see yourself in the list and did not receive tokens, please contact us in our discord. These tokens should be received before Kotowars Alpha is finished, so make sure to contact us ASAP.

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With these tokens we want to point out and thank our early adopters, whose support motivates us to develop the game. In the future KAT owners will be able to purchase a limited number of special NFTs which also will be buyable for a limited amount of time.

We also invite everyone to the discussion and will be happy to hear your ideas about what you would like to get for KAT. Will it be commemorative decoration or utility items used in game mechanics?

Remember that we will stop releasing KATs when KotoWars Alpha is finished. After user spends KATs, the tokens will be burnt, decreasing the amount in circulation and making the remaining ones a nice memorabilia as well.

For any questions or inputs, please reach out to us via our social media channels.

KotoWars Team

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