KotoWars Season 12: Dapper Verification

3 min readJun 17, 2019

Hello our Pawesome friends!

This is the latest news from the KotoWars development!
We started the first season at the beginning of the year and it is awesome it is already the middle of June and the 12th season begun yesterday!

KotoWars Rankings

During these six months we have come a long way from the cryptokitties-fighters with a single Healer and PVE campaign Stitches Invasion to nine different specialists, the basis of the magical system and The Arena. The Arena is a place where two cryptokitties’ owners can interact with each other.

We have awarded more than 100 cryptokitties and distributed more than 605 KotoWars Alpha Tokens. In the future we want to expand the prize pool even more and add rewards to the Arena. We started the work on the new ranking system. Follow us in socials to be updated!

A new season now starts automatically and the version of the client is no more associated with this event. However, we are constantly updating our client, so sometimes in the middle of the season, you will need to download a new version. The launcher with auto-updater is also in our plans, but not in the near future.

KotoWars & Dapper

At Season 10 we added the support of Dapper wallet to KotoWars registration. Dapper is a smart-wallet made by Dapper Labs, the team that created CryptoKitties. One of its advantages is that the user does not need to pay the gas of their transactions, also users can directly buy Eth with a credit card within the wallet. For this, Dapper binds the phone number and the wallet address. Currently only one wallet is available for the one phone number.

We decided to use it to create a Ranked Arena. Meet the Dapper Verification!

To prove that a user is not a robot and to make multi-accounting more difficult, we made an option for users to verify accounts with their Dapper wallet signature.

To do this, a user needs to press “Verify with Dapper” button on the Account page and then use credentials of the account they want to verify.

Note: signing another account will automatically reset the verification of the previous one

The Dapper Verification is one of the steps to a full-fledged Ranked Arena, where players will be able to compete using their kitties and earn rewards.

The Dapper Verification is a very convenient way of managing the community. We added the DV API request to the KotoWars Open Authorization, so now the developers can check the “verified” property of the account they received via KW OAuth to see whether the account is verified or not.

If you don’t have Dapper Wallet yet — give it a chance. By using smart contracts, Dapper provides convenience without compromise. It is really a cool wallet for working with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

KotoWars Team