KotoWars Alpha, Season 1: Heal

Hello our pawesome friends,

As we’ve promised we are launching a constantly updating KotoWars Alpha Version for our early adopters.

This is a continuation of the Stitches Invasion demo, which has become for us a testing ground in recent months. There we are testing new functionality and interaction with backend servers.

KotoWars Alpha is a way to show our players what direction we are going towards with the mechanics of the game and get more feedback. And in order to encourage our players, we plan to seasonally reward them with KAT. In the future, players will be able to purchase a limited number of special NFTs with those tokens.

Update: Season 2: Poison has started. New rewards.

In KotoWars Alpha players are invited to continue to fight the evil Stitches. At the moment, it is still an impossible task to emerge victorious in these battles, but we plan to introduce new specialists, magic, and ways to fight so by the end of the alpha players will manage to win.

In the current version, in order to prolong the battle and bring players closer to the victory, the famous knightkitty#107 Louie will help train your cloudwhite + pouty cryptokitties as healers. They can heal your champion on the amount of HP equal to their defense. Louie also has a lot of ideas on how to increase the efficiency and combat potential of the gang, but all knowledge should be revealed gradually so that players can leave their opinions on the pros and cons of each of the methods.

To take a part in alpha testing you need to create an account and link desired wallets to it. 
Please note that we do not store passwords and do not allow you to create them for greater security of your wallets, since working with the blockchain requires responsibility. Even though KotoWars just reads the data from blockchain and there is no way to lose neither control of your wallet or you assets, in future we will assign some in-game assets and it will allow to do some operations directly from the game.

Then you need to download the client that is available for Windows, MacOS, and Android and use your Email as a login and an automatically generated password.

We have simplified the calculation of the final result for better data purity and the new leaderboard will be formed based on the damage that player dealt to Stitches. There is no need to send us your screenshots, the leaderboard will update automatically, also the best results of players will be displayed in #scores channel of our discord.

Top1 of the season will receive 10 KATs, and the 10th place will receive 1 token. In case of equality of points, those players will receive the same number of tokens, corresponding to a lower position they hold in the ranking (e.g. if 2nd and 3rd places get the same score, both players will get the award for 3rd place).

We will gradually add new specialists, sounds, and animations to the current version of the client, but the next global stage of our roadmap is to introduce a full-fledged multiplayer and progression system for players accounts and cryptokitties.

Sign up, download the client, try the mechanics and earn KATs. We are looking forward to your feedback!

KotoWars Team