“Founding Females” is Alpha’s way of walking the talk. We are dedicated to fighting for diversity in the technology and engineering space by inspiring others. From 3D-printed hoodies that add a third dimension to your wardrobe *pun intended* to an initiative that gives back to empowering female-founded STEM organizations, we want to lead the way for a creative and impact oriented movement for the STEM community. Meet Alpha!

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Go to https://www.wearalpha.shop/giving-back to learn more

Meet Our Badass Founders and their Organizations :

  • Caeley Looney was born to two engineers (shout out to her mom who was a naval engineer and paved the way for women of her time) and has been a Steminist her whole life. She is an Aerospace Engineer by practice and continues engineering while building out Reinvented Magazine. Caeley and her incredible team are reinventing the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women nationwide through magazines among a number of initiatives. …


Karina Popovich

Founder of Wear Alpha ⚡Leading a creative and social-impact driven movement to bring the inspirational powers of STEM to everyone

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