A Grand New Adventure

I am elated to announce the next chapter in my life. My trajectory of innovating with data has led me to join Capital One as Head of Data Visualization!

The past 13 years I’ve had the good fortune to co-run Periscopic, a leading data visualization firm. My emphasis on humanity in data is something I bring to Capital One. I feel very strongly that social progress is hinged on personal financial mobility. In fact, many of the ideals we strive for in this country — equality, health, safety, education — all start with financial mobility. So I applaud Capital One’s efforts in this area and want to lend my skills to further this progressive approach.

One area I’m looking forward to at Capital One is making data tangible, not just visual. With their forays into intelligent agents, Capital One models data ubiquity — a way of bringing information to the person where they are rather than requiring the person to go to a specific place to get it. The world of data is no longer limited to visual communication — it can employ other sensory means, such as tactile and aural, to deliver meaning ubiquitously.

Some areas where I hope to be making data tangible are in fraud prevention, machine learning, AI agents, and generally finding ways to help people enjoy financial responsibility. Using data with empathy and decency is my passion, and it’s an approach Capital One shares. Data serves the people and can be a powerful tool when employed responsibly and with compassion.

Lastly, Capital One is a bank that fashions itself as a tech and data company. It retains its startup mentality, feverishly strives to enhance its customer experience, and seeks truth in its data to help people climb the financial ladder. It’s a company that operates on authentic kindness and positivity. That’s a culture I’m thrilled to join.

I look forward to sharing my observations and experiences in this new and fascinating territory. Please feel free to reach me at youknowkimrees@gmail.com and see what I’m up to here on Medium and Twitter. And to see what the Design team at Capital One is up to, check out Medium or its open positions.