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Finance Consultant + BehSci. Fanatic. I write about finance, behaviour, self-awareness, and business.

Sharing more than finance — such as why I thought people who wear glasses don’t get married…

A picture of Krystle McGilvery wearing glasses and smiling
Smiling Krystle McGilvery in funky glasses

Below is a mish-mash of my life thus far. I questioned whether this should talk purely about finance/maths-related things, but decided I am a complex woman and shall exist as such.

My intention?

I wish for you to learn a little more about the various sides of me, and I’ve challenged myself to not hide behind an excel spreadsheet! I hope you enjoy reading about my journey thus far.

Let’s go!

Glasses, anxiety, and failing university

At seven years old I was prescribed glasses for myopia (short-sightedness, being able to only see things close by). …

Life Hacks

Non-finance adjustments to help you have more money

Small boy laughing and having fun in the rain
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I recently stopped to look at how my life has changed compared to, say, 10 years ago. I looked at my financial situation and am grateful for where I am but wondered (other than save and invest) what I did to get here? What did I change outside of automating, spending less than I earn, and being prudent?

Below I provide insight into the main changes that stood out and invited you to give them a go. Some may sound easy, but please do spend time seriously reviewing them if you hope to increase your wealth.

“If you are buying…


What you need to buy a property on a low salary

A young girl sitting at a table with notes in her glasses covering her eyes.
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I honestly had no idea what it meant to own investment property and it showed! For example, when I bought my first property, I did not carry out a full inspection. So, once the keys were mine, I quickly saw that I needed a new boiler, full electrics, and a bunch of other works that cost the earth! I must admit I was terribly embarrassed.

I was raised in North London, in a single-parent home and was the first in my family to attend university. …

Krystle McGilvery

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