In Summers 2018 I worked with as a product design intern. After four interviews and about a month-long procedure, I finally got the offer. I was more than happy to visit Bangalore and explore the work culture over there. I had already researched about people at and knew that Ranganath Krishnamani works there, getting a chance to meet and work with him was more like a dream come true for me.

Poster inspired by Ranganath’s work, I designed in 2017

First few days

I joined HQ in HSR on 14th May 2018. Akshay Rajwade, my mentor for the next two months introduced me to the rest of the team…

A small walk-through of work and my experience at Pibit.

Pibit Team

It all started with a call from my senior who was working on a product idea. There was no way I could have said no to this opportunity of working with a startup at its nascent days. Also this being at a very early stage of my career, This would be a great learning experience for me.

The Idea

Pibit has created an online platform for the offline local merchants where they could connect to potential customers in the real time. …

Descriptive guide of how I designed The Workout Application

Ever feel like you should manage time for your health, buy new workout pants and immediately regret your decision.

It’s always very difficult to get motivated to gym especially for the beginners as physical workout gives a lot of strain on body and by the time they complete their 1st week of training, most of them had already quit gymming.

Improper or no knowledge of one’s own capabilities, limits and progress is one of the main reason why generally people quit workout in between.


I interviewed a few people from my hostel and noted their response, here are the questions…

Descriptive guide of how I designed attendance app for professors and students

Attendance is one of the important factors to check the regularity of students and employees in most of the institutes. The record helps to assess their sincerity towards work and accordingly reflects their performance.

Most of the institutes use conventional method of marking attendance in a register by calling out name of each student.

While some use biometric system (A biometric system is a technological system that uses bio-information to identify a person). Biometric system is an effective method for taking attendance as it helps in proper utilization of the lecture time.

I am a sophomore in Indian Institute of…

Making the Right Choice

Every year, millions of students in India compete in various entrance exams to get admission in India’s top engineering institutes with IIT’s being the first choice for every engineering aspirant. But getting admission into an IIT is not so easy, one has to clear two exams (JEE Mains and JEE Advanced)

Around 1.2 million students compete in JEE every year from which around only 170k appear in JEE advanced fighting for 11k seats.

The Problem

The struggle of getting into an IIT has not finished yet. After clearing JEE Advanced, the student now has to choose between different IITs Filling of choices…

Kunal Satpal

Product Designer | IIT Roorkee

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