Recursion is something every developer must learn at one point or another. I had been taught in school to seek recursive solutions to certain problems, but coming up with that solution on my own — in the wild — felt like a signal that I was ready for professional web development.

During a contract gig last summer, I needed to create a sort of accordion interface for a client’s dashboard. Thanks to help from Alex Regan, I ended up with a recursive implementation. It seemed to be the most readable and extendible way to go about creating the UI. In…

Last Friday was my final day as a developer at LAIKA. Before I get into my retrospective, I want to thank all of my coworkers for being an amazing, supportive group — especially my mentor, Kenny. Derek (the other intern) and I were the first ever Production Technology interns! I hope LAIKA continues this program, because it’s an office filled with senior developers that really know what they’re doing — a perfect environment for a new graduate or soon-to-be graduate to grow and learn.

Me in a meeting: “Behold: a loading gif.”

I’ve bounced around multiple industries this past year, but working within LAIKA’s studio was the most…

Except this time better because it’s written by a junior developer pretending that he knows what he’s talking about!

Better still, I’ll ward off all the readers who only entertain articles with code — this has words, and only words… actually it also has dank memes and poorly-placed pop-culture references.

Preface #1:

Preface #2: I’m going to refer to React as a framework to save some characters — whoops there goes my last reader! I know it’s a library, but I’m assuming you’re using many other libraries in conjunction with React itself.

Preface #3: I’ll keep this blog up-to-date…

Slack is absolutely life-changing for developers. Regardless of your experience level, there isn’t a better way to improve your coding than by joining relevant Slack teams. Slack Technologies was recently valued at $3.8 billion and Slack itself has gone from 16,000 to over 6 million daily, active users since February 2014. In other words, the hype is very real! As a drastic oversimplification, Slack is the modern chat application. Its payment model allows communities— both small and extremely large (nearly 10,000 people)— to freely utilize the communication tool by creating teams for all sorts of purposes. …

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