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It’s amazing what you can accomplish by getting up earlier

Good morning mortal.

Oh wait, you can’t hear me. You are still ensnared in that web of sleep. Dreaming dreams, instead of pursuing them.

I used to be you. I’d slumber until the last possible second every morning. I was deeply unhappy, as you are. I could never find the time to do anything I wanted. Then I read an article claiming all successful people get up early. I decided to give it a try.

Waking up at five in the morning changed my life. Suddenly I had energy that I’d never had before. …

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“True” facts about the kelpie

Like horses? Well, you won’t like this one. Mostly because it’s not really a horse. It’s a kelpie, a Scottish water spirit. It doesn’t want to trot across picturesque hills with you. It’s goal is to drown you, and everyone you love.

Kelpies lurk in the waters of Scotland, attempting to draw in the unwary. Their favorite victims are children. …

One scented candle isn’t going to work this year

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Hygge is all about making yourself cozy in order to live your best life. But that might seem impossible when everything around you seems to be on fire. Don’t worry, this lifestyle can still work, you just need a few extreme tweaks to meet the current climate where it’s at.

Relish the comfort of your softest blanket

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Wrap yourself in the blissful warmth of a soft blanket fresh out of the dryer. …

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