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Kyrie Gray
Writer of humor, spooky things, and history. Subscribe to my newsletter, Guffaw for updates, musings and other fun stuff
Image licensed from Depositphotos

It’s amazing what you can accomplish by getting up earlier

Funny takes on strange attempts to get us to pay

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1. Beware of Insufficient Skincare

Image by author

“True” facts about the kelpie

This book from 1912 shows how easy it was to discover one’s future love

Postcard from 1904, public domain

Image public domain altered by author

If you can’t listen to simple instructions then I’m not interested

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This is why you should disable cookies when shopping online


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Fairytale-inspired toxic behaviors that can kill a relationship

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I believe the decision to have an alligator is a choice everyone should make on their own

Your life will have more purpose if you have an alligator

Kyrie Gray

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