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Automatic, fair, peer-to-peer podcast donations with ETH

Podcrypt Alpha is live now: podcrypt.app

Feedback is welcome: Twitter or Telegram

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far! 30 days after we reached the initial validation goal of getting 100 members into the Telegram group, the alpha version is now released.

This is the first release to move off of the test network and allow for transactions on the Ethereum main network. No more play money! This is for real.

If you’re curious to know more about Podcrypt’s original vision, check out the introductory article.

Current Features

This is an alpha release, and thus it has a minimal feature set. I’m hoping to gather a lot of feedback and learn from you what to implement next. Here’s some of what’s supported so far:

Future Features

Here’s some of what I want to tackle next as I work towards Podcrypt Beta. If you have any opinions on what should be built next, please reach out on Twitter or Telegram

  • Configurable payouts per podcast and Podcrypt (turn donations off, change percentage to pay out, change value per unit of time)
  • Better offline and background experience
  • Download episodes
  • Beautiful UI on all form factors (especially improving the desktop experience)
  • Purchase ETH directly from within Podcrypt with a debit card
  • DAI???

Get podcasters on board

Remember to reach out to your favorite podcasters to get them verified so the donations can start flowing. It’s very simple to get verified. All a podcaster has to do is put their Ethereum address into their podcast’s main description. Done.

For starters, I would love to get the following podcasts verified:

And many more! I need your help to do it though. You can reach out on your own, or if you click on the unverified label of a podcast in Podcrypt, it will bring you to a screen with the podcast’s email address (if defined in the RSS feed) and an example email, like so. Thanks everyone.

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