During this same period, a group of people in The Netherlands and Switzerland decided the protestant reformation did not go far enough. Menno Simons, a Jesuit priest left the priesthood and became the spiritual leader. It was in all respects a decentralized religion. I trace my Mennonite heritage back to each country of origin. I doubt he looked to the many other cultures that are rooted in communitarianism but I don't know for sure. I do know that it takes a core set of "how to be community in the world" beliefs and a lot of hard work to maintain this level of collective living. It also increases the odds that those of us who have innovated in the tech industry will build humanizing and inclusive versions many investors will not understand.

The back of the barn where I launched Cenquest, photo by Rosie McGee, http://rosiemcgee.com/

I grew up in a Mennonite community; given its agrarian roots it makes sense I would start up a company in a barn instead of the garage. I loved the social tenets of that communitarian life but have struggled greatly with literal readings of scripture to say nothing of evangelicalism…

Cities are platforms for all kinds of businesses. Why can’t a ride-sharing system be a platform for small businesses too?

I wasn’t in the conversation but close colleagues were. It was a breakfast with a venture capitalist pondering the future of personal data, not just the data we create about ourselves but data others are collecting about us. Like Facebook, Google, and Uber.

Uber came up in the context of…

I had no intention of writing my first post in Medium on the subject of politics. I am on a mission to fix the way the credit system works for small businesses in this country. I imagined a big first piece that would be an irresistible call to action. But…

LaVonne Reimer

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