Animated Illustration by Bronwyn Gruet

Every creative team has a process they use to complete work. Creating a structure for that process — i.e., establishing a workflow — helps make it so all members of the design team are aligned and files are clearly defined, more efficiently organized, and in turn, easily scalable.

At Creative Market, we take an iterative approach to product design because it helps us meet our project goals more efficiently thereby allowing for our product solutions to get into the hands of our users faster. That’s where our Sketch workflow comes in.

With Sketch’s infinite canvases, predefined (or custom) Artboards and…

Many of you are familiar with the wave of design trend reports and predictions that surface at the start of each year. Some are built off the foundation of previous years’ successes, while others are wildly experimental — continually pushing the boundaries of our carefully plotted guides and principles.

While such forecasts are often useful, as a Product Designer it can be challenging to make updates to your product based off what’s hot Brutalism anyone?

Here at Creative Market, we’ve been spending a lot of time discussing design trends and their impact on user behavior. Based on our research…

Lea Botwinick

Designer @ Google

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