This article can be taken as an informal guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and knowledge workers who want to do impactful work to address world poverty and racial power imbalance.

One sentence takeaway for Industry-driven Conditional Cash Transfer: We social entrepreneurs can end world poverty by paying people to learn in-demand skills and entrepreneurship, and achieving profits and scale when those people seize market opportunities.

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About the Author: Gobi Dasu is the founder of and a CS PhD Student at Northwestern University. He holds a BS and MS in Computer…

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I am specifically interested in tools that help learners make sense of professional application code. These learners have taken CS courses but are not experts yet, and they want to learn from professional code, such as website source code or Github repos.

This list intentionally excludes:

  • programming tools designed for professionals (unless they can also be used by course-takers to do sensemaking of professional code)
  • Computer Science MOOCs (massive online open courses) or peer grading solutions
  • grading software (or software that makes grading scalable by propagating feedback to solutions with similar AST structure)

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Last month, I had the chance to speak with Andrew Quirk, who was my student when I was a TA for CS 109 at Stanford (Probability and Stats for CS Majors). He gave me some interesting info about the Lightspeed Ventures Summer Program. I wrote this post because I think these tips may be helpful to our clients who are entrepreneurs that hire from the Learning Dollars talent network. Such entrepreneurs may consider applying to the Lightspeed Summer Fellowship.

1. LSVP gives you 15k per person + 5k for taxes, office space, mentorship.

Andrew mentioned that these are the benefits of…

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President Vicente Fox is responsible for reducing the poverty rate in Mexico from 43.7% in 2000 to 35.6% in 2006. And as I am currently pursuing a PhD in HCI at Northwestern I had the pleasure of hearing his talk and meeting him.

1) Wealth Disparity in Mexico ranges from 20K per capita incomes in the North to 4K per capita incomes in the South

Although I was somewhat skeptical of this comment made by the ex-President, it is not implausible. The GDP per capita of Mexico is around 9K and the countries south of Mexico all have GDP per capita’s around 4K. I’m curious if there is a racial correlation as well. I have…

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This week, I spoke with the founder of Neoreach, Misha Blu Talavera. Neoreach is a leading startup in influencer marketing. I met Misha first in Toby Corey’s class Entrepreneurial Thought Leader’s Seminar in my sophomore year at Stanford. It was also my final year as I graduated early but that’s a different story.

Getting a 15 min call with a guy like Misha, whose company has raised 4.3 million and actually has a wikipedia page is a big deal, so I wanted to make the most of the time.

My standard mental go-to…

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“Your life is a work of art, so enjoy the current brush stroke, relish past ones, and plan future ones.” This is one of the statements I meditate upon daily when I wake up. I’ve been truly happy for 14.5 months now and have not had existential doubt for 3 years, but this realization that my life is not a mission to complete but rather a work of art has given embellished meaning to what it means to be alive to me. I feel like this thought came to…

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