Tableau: Which style of leadership your colleagues have ?

With referencing the 4 styles of leadership mentioned on, we want to make Tableau workbook where our colleagues are positioned in the scatter plot with corresponding measures:

a) how much assertive they are ?

b) with how much empathy they work with ?

Based on this definiton of 4 styles od leadership, below you can find how the same graph is realized in Tableau.

At first, we have to create some dummy database with random chosen values, just in order to present Tableau capabilities (names and corresponding values are arbitrarily given — no real person is associated with this post). For both measure values are between -5 and 5.

You can choose whatever you want, but I used the Excel to make this small database.

Now open the new workbook in Tableau, connect to your corresponding database.

Once when we are connected to the database, we have one dimension: Name, and two measures: Empathy and Assertiveness.

Put Empathy in Columns, Assetiveness in Rows and double click Name. It should automatically create scatter plots, if not then choose it manually in Show Me.

We can already see how people are nice positioned in the figure, but lets make it nicer. Right click on Empathy axis (X-axis) -> Add reference line. For Value choose Constant and put value 0. Label: None. Format your line however you want:

Now when we have the reference line for X-axis, the same thing we have to do for the Y-axis, following the style and formatting from the previous one.

To get rid of Grid Lines, just right click on one of them and then Format. On the left side, choose Format lines and choose None for Grid Lines, for both Rows and Columns.

Finally, we can also apply 4 styles of leadership coloring. In order to do that, we have to create calculated field:

Putting this calculated field on Color and Name on Detail, we will get what we want.

Tableau original workbook (downloadable)

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